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Belvidere Womans Club

Organized in January of 1919. The objective of this organization shall be mutual culture, enlargement of social life and united work for better civic conditions.

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46th Annual Art and Fine Crafts Show

     Sponsored by the Belvidere Woman's Club  

April 26, 2009 Sunday 10 - 4 pm

Belvidere Community Building Complex

111 West 1st Street, Belvidere,IL 61008


Over $1,000 in Awards


Special Award for art depicting Boone County historical site, event , figure or item.



Rules and Regulations 


Artists may display only those types of art/crafts which have been accepted into the Art Show.  All works displayed shall be for sale.  The artist must be in the booth at all times.  If an emergency occurs, contact one of the Art Show personnel.


Booth size is 15 feet x 15 feet on hard surface.  All packing and non-display material must be stored out of sight.  No credits, ribbons or awards from other shows are allowed, with the exception of the artist's business cards or brochures.  No signs suggesting discount prices are allowed. 

                                          Set up is from 6:30 - 8:45am .

                                              Judging begins at 9am. 

                                        The Show runs from 10am to 4pm.


The Belvidere Woman's Club Art Show reserves the right to terminate this lease and remove tenant there from the event if it is determined that the artist is not abiding by the spirit of the Show or by any term or condition of the lease, or to request that a particular type of work or single item is deemed inappropriate.  The Art Show Committee reserves the right to move, alter, or remove your display if it is considered inappropriate.  NO pets or alcoholic beverages are allowed on the premises.


The following types of work are not allowed.


    1 All forms of mass production; including commercially produced molds, items through

          the use of a jigger or compress or items made from kits.


          2. Work produced by anyone other than the art artist.


    3 Art work produced in a medium other than that which was submitted to and accepted by the Art Show Committee.


    4. Machine made offset reproductions or two dimensional artwork not executed by the artist.


Application Procedures


1. Return COMPLETED application form postmarked no later than April 1, 2009.


2.  Enclose check payable to:  Belvidere Woman's Club Art Show.  (non-refundable)


3.  Enclose two (2) photos representative of the work to be displayed at the Art Show.  Print your name, TITLE of work, SIZE, and MEDIUM.


4. Enclose one (1) photo of your display booth.


5. We need one (1) photo to keep in our permanent Show file.  If you wish the other photos returned, please enclose a SASE with sufficient postage.


6.  If work is computer art, please indicate 1st or 2nd generation.


Name ___________________________________________________________________


Address _________________________________________________________________

City/State/Zip _____________________________________________________________

Email: ___________________________________________________________________

Website: _________________________________________________________________


Category (Circle all that apply):  2D Functional    3D Functional   2D non-Functional   3D non-functional


Medium (circle all that apply):  Acrylics Ceramics Computer Art Drawing Fiber Glass  Graphics

Custom-design Jewelry Mixed Media Oils Photography Sculpture Water Color Other:____________  


Please describe the processes in the creation of your total body of work:

Artist release

As the exhibitor, I take full responsibility and assume all risk and liability for the described work at this location.  In consideration of being permitted to display my work at this show, I acknowledge and degree that neither the City of Belvidere, il nor the Belvidere Woman's Art Club nor their respective offers, directors or volunteers shall be responsible for supervision of art of loss and/or damage to artwork or property, and I do Herby waive any claims for any  loss or damage from any causes.  Any properties unclaimed at the end of the show are not to be the responsibility of the Belvidere Woman's  Club.  This application constitutes a commitment to exhibit at the 46th Annual Belvidere Woman's Art and Fine Crafts Show.  The artist accepts and agrees to the terms of this application and agrees to be bound by these liability agreements. 


Signature ______________________________________________Date______________________


Check all that apply:

___ completed application

___$50.00 check (non-refundable) to Belvidere Woman's Club Art Show

___$100 for two booths

___ two (2) photos of work displayed

___ one (1) photo of display booth set-up

      If you are a returning exhibitor, you will not have to send in pictures.

      Yours will be already on file.


Exhibitor is responsible for his/her exhibit set-up. No tables/boards will be provided.

Deadline for application must be postmarked by April 1, 2009.


Price range of work for sale : _______________________


Mail this entire and completed application to:


                                             Belvidere Woman's Club Art Show


                                                  3171 Pheasant Lane

Belvidere,IL 61008-9682